» What is Planned?

 Easy answer! A new Community Centre.

That’s the easy bit. Actually getting there is a bit more tricky.
There are, of course, many factors to consider and many documents to prepare for presentation to the Council. If and when they give their approval for the transfer of the Freehold we can move onto the next stage.

We have been to visit other Community Centres, old and new. Some would sit very nicely in Royal Road, some most certainly would not!

No decisions have been made about the look, size or shape of the building.




A 21st century Community Centre

Community Centres used to be simple hiring spaces for local organisations.  Of course this is still a major element of their role, but today Centres are so much more.

The main doors open into a spacious welcome area, part of which may be a meeting cafe with a variety of seating, where friends can meet; anyone can pop in just to see who is here and what is happening.  Naturally the Centre Manager or Booking Officer will help us reserve a space for our organisation, and we can check the weekly programme of events.

 We will be able to leave our children safely with the staff in the children’s room, which is in a secure area of the building with their own bathroom facilities, quiet room and sensory space.  It makes a great party space too.

Meeting spaces will naturally be equipped with their own audio-visual, touch screen and IT facilities, including hearing loops; naturally regular hiring groups will have in-room storage space.

If we need to set up a private session or surgery, or a small committee, or to arrange an online session with a business friend, that too is possible.

The Centre will also be able to arrange its own activities by way of courses, conferences, practical skill sessions, film evenings, community garden mornings and maker activities to balance the range of activities provided by organisations.



There is also the possibility of launching small projects which have a variety of outcomes, including social enterprises.

Such a hub provides opportunities for volunteers to participate in enriching the programme of activities and supporting individual and small groups enjoying a day at the Centre.


Imagine a 21st century community centre at Fleetville – in Royal Road. 

These are the approaches we are currently discussing.

For the upto  date information on how the plan is progressing

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Here are some of the documents we have prepared during our research period:

New Build Display here.

Project Pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

History of the Site and Building

Our Initial Response

Transferring the assets

Dealing with Archaeology

Building Options

Our Vision

The Project and Royal Road

Planning for Partnership